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Pique Tea


Pique Tea —
The Ritual of Tea. 

Pique is a new tea company that thinks differently.

They believe that there had to be a way to experience the quality of loose-leaf tea without the hassle. A way for fine tea to fit seamlessly into today's active lifestyle. A way to enjoy the known benefits of tea on the go.  Pique tea does all that and more. It captures all the goodness of organic tea, into fine crystals which dissolve in a matter of seconds. The brand, informed by the idea of "Moments of Now", displays a multi faceted tea-leaf to visually represent the process of turning leaves into crystals and a look and feel that captures the magic in the water.

It is often said that tea brings back time. Time to reflect and nourish the mind and soul. Pique does it, in an instant.

Areas of Engagement: Positioning, Naming,Brand Narrative, Identity, Look and Feel, Web, Collateral, Influencer Kit, Promotions. 

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