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Advent —
Visionary Architects


Advent Software has been the leader in back end accounting software. As the financial world continues to evolve, the brand’s ambition was to reflect internally and externally their radical shift from a software provider to a living ecosystem focused on what people did through their innovation. Advent has the power, drive and ability to create a unique and perfect global investment universe. Their history of precise accountancy and global understanding of market challenges, changes, and opportunities, gave them the insight to build what the future needs.

Informed by the idea of “Visionary Architects,” The entire brand experience needed to capture the infinitely flexible platform they created, which in real time refines and defines the data their customers need, when they need it – changing forever the way global investments are made and considered.The program was done for Landor in partnership with the fabulous Junko Maegawa.

Areas of Engagement: Positioning, Brand Narrative, Identity, Look and Feel, Web Templates, Collateral, Convention Look and Feel Signage, Training.

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