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Veer Gear


Veer —
Redefining Child Mobility


Veer is a new product/ brand born from a single insight. Parents with multiple children want products that enable them to go and explore remote locations as a family with ease and agility. Double strollers often do not meet the need, as they are perceived as cumbersome, heavy and restrictive for the older child. Traditional wagons echo past memories, are seen as toys and lack any safety certification. The opportunity for a new category was clear.

From a business perspective, child mobility is a $6 billion category from which $3 billion is the stroller segment alone. Based on the business opportunity and insight, Makefire and a small group of category experts got together with the ambition of disrupting the category from the ground up.

Informed by the idea of “forging your own path for the fun of it,” Veer, the all terrain cruiser was born. Built for imagination and endless make believe, Veer delivers a world of wonder and fun where parents and kids can set their imagination free, explore and connect in meaningful ways. It pivots, morphs and transforms. It believes safety must be a standard option for mythical chariots pulled effortlessly by dragons with wings. It was born to blaze through the paths less travelled, for exploring up close the wonders of nature as it glides over land. 

Awards: Winner of Best Product Innovation 2017. ABC Kids Expo. 2017Best in Show at the JPM Chicago Baby Show. 2017 Best Family Show award.

Areas of Engagement: Positioning, Brand Narrative, Naming. Investor kit, Identity, Package Design, Collateral, Web and launch materials.

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