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Lenny Stein


Lenny —
Momentum. Unleashed


Leonard Stein, a leader in sports medicine, has spent over 30 years focused on elite athletes. They include the San Francisco Ballet Company, The Oakland Warriors and personalities like Andre Agassi among others.

Lenny's ambition was to leave Ultimate Sports, a practice he shared with other physicians, and create a practice of his own. A practice and a team guided by his personal philosophy. A philosophy loyal customers describe as the intersection between technical skills and a keen intuitive ability. A philosophy that allows Lenny to see or identify issues regardless of where the pain manifested.

The current market remains undifferentiated. It is visually defined by sports references and flooded with images of human skeletons and body diagrams. The opportunity was to define an idea and informed an aesthetic based on the founder and his reason to exist. To respect people's passions and propel them to their highest level of performance.

Lenny is now the name, but the name is bigger than the founder. It represents a shared philosophy.  The identity references this intersection. The point where technical know how meets intuition. The inflection point where body and spirit are in perfect alignment to unleash the winning momentum.

Areas of Engagement: Positioning, Brand Narrative, Identity, Look and Feel, Web.

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Makefire is brilliant. Their commitment and ability to analyze and capture the many layers of identity and branding is extraordinary. Nic is a visionary designer. He possesses a special gift and talent to create a vocabulary and imagery that captures the essential and subliminal aspects of a brand, its narrative and the authentic vision that defines an individual or a company.


— Lenny Stein, DC. Owner