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Sweet Gwendoline


Sweet Gwendoline —
Playful Fantasy


A drink that celebrates women. A brand that plays homage to John Willie, the founder of Bazaar and the fetish art movement in the 1940's.

Brands are stories and Sweet Gwendoline is no different. A love story that began when John Willie moved from Australia to Canada in the early 1940's. He settled in the red light district area and was known to spend many hours witnessing a dance act by a beautiful woman who ended her act by thanking the crowd with a red libation. One evening Gwendoline did not show up, and John Willie desperately searched for her up and down the East Coast before making New York his home. Here he started Bazaar magazine and the Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline. 

The design maintains the print quality of his publications. A celebration of woman, fashion and fantasy.

The design was originally created for Campari, who later sold the brand/trademark to another distillery to be disclosed.

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