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Quirch —
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to The Table


When Quirch Foods approached us, they had one single ambition in mind: To bring a coherent look to their new headquarters office in Coral Gables.

Quirch is not only one of the largest food distributors in the Southeast and the Caribbean. It has also been family owned since 1967. A brand and a family with a great and rich history. Unfortunately based on their offering and competitors, they continued to refer to their business as commodities. Not exactly an inspiring description to inform their visual expression. Our first challenge was to help them understand the need to identify an emotional idea that connected them to their customers and ultimately to their end user. Inspired by a quote their grandfather used to say, "The best moments in life happen around food", we developed the brand idea "Our Passion. Your Joy".  A simple idea which captures their passion for procuring the finest foods and their belief that food connects and bring joy to people’s lives. This idea led us to the development of the Quirch table. A gathering place for buyers and sellers. A gathering place for consumers to share and create great memories through the power of food.

Areas of Engagement: Positioning, Brand Narrative, Identity, Look and Feel, Web, Collateral, Signage, Corporate interiors, Training.

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"What seemed to be a monumental task of identifying the true essence of our business, ended up being a harmonious collaboration with Makefire Creative.
 Makefire was able to develop a manifesto that would eventually become the beacon for all of the Quirch family to identify and follow. This manifesto led us to a courageous identity that truly represents who we are."

—Jorge Roza. SVP of Brand