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Nine Suns —
A Legend of Luxury


Nine Suns is the product of a Chinese family, who shares the love of wine. Their ambition was to create a luxury winery that captured premium wine cues, but found a way to introduce their Chinese heritage in a smart and subtle manner.

The winery is located in Pritchard Hill, a piece of land in Napa Valley known for the optimal weather conditions. The result was a name and look and feel inspired by a traditional Chinese legend. A legend that describes nine suns that took turns going up to the sky. One day, the suns grew restless and decided to come up all at once. Crops perished and people suffer. The Emperor called the God of Archery to teach them a lesson. The God begun to shoot the suns one by one from the sky. The Emperor stopped him as he was about to shoot the last sun, which would have brought total darkness over the land. The remaining sun brought the perfect balance between heaven and earth.

Winner of a Cannes Gold Lion.

Engagement Areas: Positioning, Naming, Brand Narrative, Identity, Package Design. /// For Landor. Designers: Anastasia Laksmi, Junko Maegawa.

9-2-3 bottles
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