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Forge —
Liquidity Fuels Momentum



Over 250 private companies globally have valuations at or above $1 billion – as companies stay private longer than in the past driven by the availability of capital and shifting regulatory frameworks. The on-going growth in the private markets is substantially bolstering the demand for transparent, liquid and secure access to innovation companies across a range of industries.

Formerly know as Equidate, Forge’s new ambition is to expand the range of services it offers to companies, employees, investors and strategic partners to help expand access to the private markets. The new name is a call to action in a new world of investing. The identity, inspired by the idea of “More,” represents positive results in motion. The identity borrows visual cues from global currencies to communicate the brands purpose. To bring more liquidity, transparency and access to a new world of alternative investments.

Strategy, Naming and Identity by Makefire Creative


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